A Miracle Has Happened.



Yesterday, in the midst of all this viral craziness, I got a mysterious email from a woman in Colorado. She told me that her friend knew Zoey from Taiwan when she was a baby (Zoey came to the states when she was 4.5 months old), and wanted to connect with me.

Say what?!

My mind was reeling - who was this woman? How did she know Zoey? Did she *REALLY* know Zoey? Was this all some crazy scam?

It turns out this mysterious lady named Joy not only knew my baby - she was her FOSTER MOM! Through a series of chats and emails, I’m starting to piece this puzzle together.

As you may have read, Zoey and her siblings were born and almost immediately washed into a gutter. A student scooped up all the puppies and brought them to her home. Turns out this girl had some rescue dogs of her own, and a mom fighting cancer. After a month of caring for the litter, she posted on a website pleading for help, and Joy, a volunteer with Animal Rescue Team, responded to the call.

Joy found foster parents for all 5 of Zoey’s siblings, but decided to foster Zoey herself because she was the runt and the sickliest. She also gave her the name she came to America with - Star. Joy fell in love with Zoey and said she might have kept her, had she not been moving to China for a new job.

She says she never knew what happened to any of the puppies, and all that she knew of Zoey was that a Korean girl in Los Angeles had adopted her. Joy says she’s been waiting for 7 years to hear more about the puppy she fell in love with. As the photos of Zoey and Jasper broke around the world, Joy saw them in China. She had a hunch that it might be the sickly little 2.5 pound dog she nursed to health in Taiwan - and she was right.
She’s been sending me photos of Zoey - from the first night she was at her apartment (the photos above), to the final photo they took of her with a China Airlines stewardess before she boarded her flight to Los Angeles. What a blessing it’s been to hear about Zoey’s life in Taiwan and to see photos of her as such a little baby. I always knew Zoey was loved and well taken care of while in Taiwan, I just felt it. And speaking with Joy has only confirmed how much love and care she received before she came to me.

I know one of the hardest parts of fostering is never hearing updates about the dog you loved while searching for their forever home. And it’s an absolute miracle that Joy never has to wonder again.

Thanks to all of you who’ve shared these images around the world, something truly amazing has happened. I have cried so many tears of gratitude in the last 24 hours because I connected with Joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.